Add-on pack for Aurora Draughts 4

To reduce the program's installer size and to make update process faster and easier
all databases and graphic files were removed from default setup.
This add-on pack contains all bases and graphics for Aurora Draughts program:

  • Games databases (full size)
  • Books (medium size: up to 10 moves)
  • Endgame databases (small size: up to 6 pieces)
  • Graphics set: 11 boards and 31 pieces

To install download the add-on pack from the direct link on download page or any Aurora Draughts cloud folder, extract this archive (or needed files only) to Aurora Draughts documents folder.

Locate the folder according to your operating system:


(external drive) \Android\data\com.AuroraDraughts\files


iTunes -> iPhone -> FileSharing -> Aurora Draughts


This PC > Documents > Aurora Draughts or C:\Users\username\Documents\Aurora Draughts