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Download free Lite version, Full installation, Databases and Updates
of Aurora Borealis Draughts program!

Mobile version

To download Android or iOS version please visit Google Play and App Store :

Version 4 for Android

The program requires Android version 4.0.8 or higher (Intel CPU-based requires version 4.4 or higher) and external SD storage.

Version 4 for iOS

The program requires iOS version 8 or higher, 64-bits CPU.

Free versions

Completely free tools for users who do not need all the power of latest Professional version.

The installations contain some games and book databases, endgame databases up to 7 pieces.

Version 3.9 Demo, setup (exe, 237 Mb) (February, 11 2023)

The latest demo version (32 bits). Contains games, books and small endgame databases.

Version 4.4.2 Lite, setup (exe, 5 Мб) (March, 16 2022)

New version with simplified interface, the same as mobile version. Installer has the executable only, for databases see addon pack below.

Version 3.6 Lite, setup (exe, 48 Mb) (April, 15 2015)

Lite version has an engine with lower memory usage than professional, and disabled some database functions (import/export, extended search, database management).

Version 2.11 Professional, archive (7z, 570 Mb) (February, 2009)

One of the most popular older versions of the program.

Version 1.99 for DOS, archive (7z, 15 Mb) (October, 2003)

The latest DOS version. Can be used on old machines, or software emulators like DOSBox.

Aurora Draughts 4 add-on pack

Contains all bases and graphics for Aurora Draughts program version 4 for Android, iOS or Windows. On Windows should be unpacked to Documents/Aurora Draughts folder.

Add-on Pack ver. 4 (rar, 106 Mb) (March, 16 2022)

See details on installation

Full Professional version

For your convenience large installation files were uploaded to cloud storages. You can download program files from any of 3 clouds: Mega, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk.

To install professional version you will need either license key CD, version 2.9/3.x, or an activation key, or installed and activated version 3.0.7 or above. Please note version 3.7 does not support 2.9 disks.

Install directory contains installation DVD files (the ones you have if you ordered the program on disks) for the latest 3.8 version, and also older 3.6 and 3.7 versions, if needed.

Installation DVDs (ISO or RAR-archive) contain full games, books and learn databases and 1Gb optimized endgame databases up to 10pc for all games.

Also you can download additional larger endgame databases. To use this databases your PC needs to have at least 6GB of RAM, 8GB is recommended. To install just download and replace existing ZIP files in ED directory.

Download in:

Google Drive