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Buy Aurora Borealis Professional
for Windows

Electronic license: EUR 55

(electronic activation serial key, installation files downloadable)

  • Quick: download program's installation and databases from the Google Drive
  • Get an activation key by email and start working with a program immediately!

Activation key allows 5 permanent activations.
After all acivations are used the key will be renewed with one activation automatically after 6 months.

Disk license: EUR 75

(license disk, installation files downloadable)

  • Activation CD
  • License Key CD allows unlimited installations of Aurora Borealis (each installation reqiures an activation using genuine disk, internal or external USB CD/DVD drive required during activation procedure).

Worldwide airmail registered shipping included


  • At this time payments are available only in Russian rubles, Chinese yuan (bank wire transfer) or cryptocurrency (Cardano). Contact email: for details
  • Multiple license (3+) orders will have 35% discount (if disks - shipped to the same address). 10+ orders will have 50% discount.

How to buy:

Not available since Mar, 2022

Not available since Aug, 2021

Your local Resellers (prices may vary):


Alexanders Kandaurov




Clarence Gooche

Durham, NC



ARBI Arkadiusz Biadasiewicz

ul.Palucka 39

54-153 Wroclaw

tel. kom.: 601 303 150



Kong Ling Guang

city: Guang Zhou

tel.: 18666088693


Jermaine 'Tiger' Delattibudiere

tel.: 876-357-8041


Looking for Resellers (Europe/Asia/America)!

Aurora Borealis is a very popular draughts program and powerful tool, many draughts players would like to buy it, but either they don't trust with internet money transations, or dealing with an unknown person. If the local software companies or draughts federations become Aurora Borealis resellers, this excellent program would be widely available to draughts professional players and amateurs.

Contact author to get more information on discount system for Resellers and Draughts Federations.